A Light Take for Light Over Heat #20: The Professor Goes Full-Auto to Celebrate

Wow, this is the 20th episode of “Light Over Heat”! I can’t believe it. It seems like I was just recording my 10th episode not long ago. This second set of videos (Season 2) was supposed to be organized thematically around t-shirts I own. It mostly was, but on a few occasions I couldn’t pull that off. Oh, well. The world is too chaotic to be organized thematically around seasons, anyway.

Speaking of chaos, this video is also appearing way out of order since I had to pre-empt it in order to reflect on guns and race in the wake of the Buffalo mass murder.

Although I do not do the typical internet/social media “hot takes” on my chosen topic, I did think it was appropriate for this milestone video to do a “Light Take” (h/t John Correia). So, this video shows me shooting a single-action revolver, a lever-action rifle, a double-action revolver, and a fully-automatic and suppressed submachine gun. Of course, lessons can be learned from this exercise, but for now I will just let the videos speak for themselves.


Thanks to Karl Rehn and John Daub of KR Training for treating me to some fun and instructive (the best kind of fun!) experiences while I was traveling through Central Texas recently.

INPUT REQUESTED: If there are specific topics you would like me to address in a short video on this channel, please put them in the comments! I am still planning to organize future videos around these suggestions.

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  1. Are those safety glasses? If not, can I suggest you get some safety glasses? Mine are prescription bifocals (gotta be able to read the tablet while scoring shooters!) made for me by Hunter’s HD Gold. I really like them.

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    • Belatedly – I am just and have always just worn my regular glasses. I do need progressive lenses so thanks for this suggestion. Do you by any chance have astigmatism? Some prescription wrap-around sunglasses don’t work for me because of the curvature.


      • My astigmatism is greater than my distance correction.

        Check with Hunter’s HD Gold. They make excellent shooting glasses that are in the $400 range. That’s about what you’d pay for regular glasses. They’re mounted in ANSI rated safety frames and will darken in the sunlight. I have two pair, ones that I drive with and a second pair I use on the range. They also made my regular work safety glasses, though since they were just simple clear bifocals they were less than $150.


      • Thanks! I just submitted their online form so looking forward to getting info from them. The cost is actually less than what I pay for my everyday glasses since I have so many extras beyond standard correction! Thanks again for the lead.


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