My Book Proposal is Under Submission!

Over 10 years in the making, and through many different incarnations, my proposal for “GUN CURIOUS: A Journey into America’s Evolving Culture of Firearms” is finally under submission. Please send your secular or religious appeals on behalf of this project to Manhattan.

I hope there’s at least one editor in New York who is looking for a book on American gun culture that doesn’t end with “and the death of democracy” or “and the salvation of democracy.”

My book does a few things differently. It accurately describes Gun Culture 2.0, from the ground up and the inside out, such that gun owners will recognize themselves in the story. It also explains this culture to interested outsiders, especially the gun curious. And it challenges those critics who see guns mainly as a negative force in society by highlighting how guns are normal and normal people use guns.

I’ve come a long way from my childhood in the blue bubble of the San Francisco Bay Area. More than anything, this book reflects my own personal curiosity about guns as well as the spirit of critical curiosity that I carry as a sociologist. I hope there’s a market for it.

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