Will You Support My Student Field Trip to the Gun Range?

Last week, I took the 16 students in my Sociology of Guns seminar at Wake Forest on a field trip to the gun range. This is the 8th time I have taught the course and the 8th successful field trip we have taken as a class. All 16 students took the opportunity to shoot a Ruger Mark III .22LR pistol, a Glock 17 9mm pistol, and a .223 cal. AR-style rifle. 11 of the students had never shot a gun before none had shot an AR.

Tomorrow, in connection with my Light Over Heat YouTube channel, I will discuss this year’s field trip at greater length.

Today, I am seeking a modest amount of financial support for the field trip. Last year Lucky Gunner ammo donated 200 rounds of each of the three calibers the students shot. This year I did not have an opportunity to solicit donations in advance of the field trip, so I have created a “goal” on my Buy Me a Coffee page if you would like to contribute to my range expense fund. Or you can contribute through PayPal using the “donate” link below.

Donate with PayPal button

Buy Me A Coffee

Discussing rifle shooting with Sociology of Guns students, Fall 2022. Photo by Sandra Stroud Yamane

Including ammunition, hearing and eye protection, bench rest bags, a training consultation, and other supplies, I am at least $500 into this field trip. Anything contributed over this amount I will put toward next year’s (anticipated) class field trip.

Thank you for your support of my work.

Student shooting rifle at Sociology of Guns class field trip, Fall 2022. Photo by Sandra Stroud Yamane


    • This is a great idea. If I had enough time at the range it would be great to have students shoot their way through the history of firearms. Someone recently suggested having them shoot a 1911 pistol to appreciate how magazine-fed semi-automatic pistols are an “old” technology. So to have them shoot a 19th century gun you can load on Sunday and shoot all week would be amazing. The only challenge is the small amount of time we have at the range. Will let this idea percolate more, though. Thanks.

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      • The first handgun I shot, which took place in a lesson, was a SA revolver. I recently purchased a Ruger Wrangler for practice, and in case I ever introduce a novice to shooting. I like how the SA slows one down, allowing one to concentrate on technique. It also takes .22 short (as does my Henry), which has about as low recoil & report possible.

        I originally came across posts & student essays on your field trips a few years back, and think they are a great introduction and immersion no matter the particular guns.


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