Race, BLM, Gun Ownership, and Views of January 6 Protesters (Light Over Heat #39)

A colleague, Ryan Jerome Lecount of Hamline University, pointed me to a recently published study of how race, support for Black Lives Matter, and gun ownership shape people’s views of protesters at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The results are interesting and complex and complement a few previous videos on this channel (see below).

I’m interested to hear others’ thoughts on these findings, particularly whether the findings seem generalizable from this limited sample.

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  1. Sample limitations and margins of error not withstanding, Bucci et al is thought provoking. By using the term insurrection, which the FBI avoided, they communicate a certain point of view. That most respondents disapproved of rioters taking over a protest, is not surprising. Most gun owners I know wish it did not happen, as I hope most non gun owners wish progressive protests did not devolve into the arson of occupied buildings. The level of concern shown by minority gun owners regarding extremists may indicate one reason that they decided to arm themselves. This is understandable, though we are all most likely to be assaulted by members of our own racial and socio-economic group. Certainly the arming of law abiding minority members can have a number of positive outcomes including: giving the remaining white supremest fringe pause and countering the influence of the criminal element in their neighborhoods.

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  2. The tendentious terminology used taints whatever may be concluded from these surveys. For, a respondent may view the actions of 1/6 favorably because they do not consider them an “insurrection”, but rather a protest that got out of hand; the participants not “storming” the Capitol but rather milling peaceably about after being let in by Capitol police.

    The low support among gun owners, for the use of violence to achieve political ends, is not counter-intuitive. There’s a big difference between using violence to get one’s way to circumvent the legitimate system (cf. the radical Left’s cry of ‘By Any Means Necessary’) and armed resistance to a government rendered illegitimate by its tyranny.


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