Why Guns Are Neither USED nor USEFUL for Self-Defense – The Standard Model Part 2 of 5 (Light Over Heat #42)

Last week I discussed some work I am doing systematizing the dominant academic approach to understanding Gun Culture 2.0, what I call “The Standard Model of Explaining the Irrationality of Defensive Gun Ownership.”

The model has 6 points. In this 2nd of 5 planned videos, I discuss point 2: That guns are neither USED nor USEFUL for self-defense.

I also offer some critiques of this point in the model.

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  1. So in 96 cases out of 100 where a DGU user uses a gun in self defense due to feeling one’s own, or someone you can lawfully defend, life was at risk, the good guy wins. Nice odds.


      • It shouldn’t be too hard to tally the number of times a legal carrier stopped a deadly threat against themselves or another, and compare it to the number of times a carrier negligently injured or killed themselves or another innocent person. Included in the former should be every instance of a carrier stopping a mass shooting, applying the average number of casualties in a public mass shooting.

        The same comparison could be done for legal firearms in the home. (And, considering my ‘lived experience,’ protection against deadly wild animals should be included.)


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