My Podcast (and Related) Appearances – Cumulative List and Links (Updated 04/2023)

As noted previously, I stole the phrase “Gun Culture 2.0” from Michael Bane after I heard him talk about it on his Downrange Radio podcast (and got his ex post facto approval btw), and alot of what I learned in my early days as a shooter were from Bob Mayne’s Handgun World Podcast.

So, I am indebted to the hard work of many podcasters, and correspondingly flattered when asked to be a guest. In order for me to keep track of these appearances, I am creating this landing page to collect links to the shows I’ve appeared on.

In reverse chronological order (newest first):

[33] I appeared with Wes Siler of Outside magazine on an episode of The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press on “‘This is not impossible’: Fixing U.S. gun culture in the age of NRA dominance.” I like the hopefulness of the main title even if I would question too general an application of the subtitle. Nonetheless, I found Chuck Todd to be a good and fair host. He had his views and I didn’t (expect to) change his mind, but he did acknowledge my good points when I made them.

[32] I am Asian-American (half Japanese-American on my father’s side) and grew up in Half Moon Bay, California. The coincidence of this with the mass murder of 7 people in Half Moon Bay by an Asian man led to a conversation recently with Randy Miyan on the Liberal Gun Owners podcast. My appearance was broken into two separate segments (S2G35 and S2G36) and followed two segments with fellow half-Japanese-American (but also half-Chinese American) Chris Cheng (S2G33 and S2G34).

[31] Mathew Littman, the Executive Director of 97Percent, a newer gun violence prevention organization, was a guest speaker in my Sociology of Guns class in the fall semester of 2022. I returned the favor by appearing on the 97Percent podcast Talking About Guns (TAG). The episode reflects my perspective on guns in America pretty well, but more importantly, expresses my hope for greater mutual understanding on this divisive topic in 2023 and beyond.

[30] My discussion with Lucas Mather of The Republican Professor was my longest podcast appearance ever, at just over two hours. That’s a long time to listen to me speak, but it also allowed us to cover a lot of ground about my personal background, how I got into the study of guns, and my particular approach to studying and teaching about gun culture. If you listen to the Primary and Secondary Podcast, this is short by comparison!

[29] I joined Michael Sodini and Jake Wiskerchen of Walk the Talk America on their “Guns and Mental Health” podcast (28 April 2022). We had an interesting and wide-ranging discussion of all things sociology of guns and gun culture. Sodini had been a guest in my Sociology of Guns seminar at Wake Forest, which gave us some food for thought and reflection this podcast.

[28] An Arizona State University undergraduate philosophy major, Walt Anderson, reached out to me to be a part of something called the “Arthuria Discord Community.” He seemed earnest and so I took a chance and was glad I did. Mr. Anderson was very thoughtful, well-prepared, and asked some great questions about guns in society. I don’t know how their Discord Community discussions go, but he posted the raw video of our conversation on his personal YouTube channel. Forgive my casual attire as we did the interview on a Sunday afternoon while I was working around my house.

[27] Live appearance on Gun Owners Radio out of San Diego that was also streamed on YouTube. I come in at 57 minutes and did two segments with the hosts, talking about my approach to researching gun culture, what Gun Culture 2.0 is, and what some of the implications of my research are.

Screen cap from live stream at

[26] My appearance on The Reverend Hunter podcast on 8 April 2022 is available on all the usual podcast apps or by using this direct link to the podcast page.

Tony chats with sociologist, professor, and gun convert David Yamane. They talk about the difference between mores and folkways, parking the wrong way on the street, studying religion while being openly religious, the secularization thesis, the sunk cost fallacy in academia, shooting a gun for the first time, Gun Culture 1.0 vs. 2.0, the uneven distribution of guns in America, being Gun Curious, and more.

This podcast differed from others I’ve done, not just because of our common interest in the study of religion, but also due to our differing interests in the gun reality. As his title suggests, The Reverend Hunter is more of a Gun Culture 1.0 guy and I am firmly ensconced in Gun Culture 2.0.

[25] Enjoyed participating in a 3-part series on the Liberal Gun Owners Lens Podcast with Randy Miyan. Like some other recent podcast appearances, this one covered some novel ground. This includes talking about my “Light Over Heat” YouTube channel and my academic work in Part 1, my Sociology of Guns course at Wake Forest University in Part 2, and liberal bias in academia (especially with respect to guns) in Part 3.

[24] I appeared on 16 February 2022 on the “One Thing or Another Podcast” to talk about guns and gun culture. The host, Mark McNease, is a liberal gay man living in rural NJ. He found me because he is a member of the Liberal Gun Club, even though he is not a gun owner. He is part of the 1/3 of the population who don’t currently own guns but don’t rule them out. I.e., the GUN CURIOUS. This is a very informative podcast not because of my answers but because of the host’s questions. A lot of people out there have these same questions so I hope I answered them well in this case.

[23] Was flattered to be one of the first guests on Stephen Gutowski’s The Reload podcast (15 August 2021) to talk about the spread of gun carry in America, as well as new gun owners and other gun issues.

[22] On July 31, 2021 I joined Wake Forest Law Professor Gregory Parks and a panel of other academics and experts for a thoughtful and thought-provoking webinar on race and guns in the U.S. The conversation examined how race intersects with the history of gun ownership in America, the roots of the Second Amendment, and the modern politics of guns. Panelists included Philip Smith of NAAGA, Jennifer Carlson, Robert Cottrol, Simon Wendt, and Nicholas Johnson.

[21] I’m not yet sure what will come of it, but at the end of July 2021 I submitted about 10 minutes of audio comments to the British podcast production company Auddy for their upcoming show, America Explained. They are “giving UK listeners a deeper insight into US culture, history and politics.” The inaugural episode will cover the gun rights debate.

[20] Capping off a big week of podcasts for me talking about my book, Concealed Carry Revolution, I recorded my third episode of Ballistic Radio with John Johnston on July 24. We spoke not only about the history of concealed carry laws in the US, but also about the issue of concealed carry training and the civilian gun training cottage industry.

[19] Although I comment frequently for stories in the mainstream media, almost every podcast I have been on has been pro-gun. Until this summer, when I was invited to be on an episode of Red, Blue, and Brady, the podcast of Brady United (formerly the Brady Campaign). I am happy to speak with anyone who has authentic questions about gun culture (recorded 21 July 2021).

[18] I have known of Rich Brown of the American Warrior Society for some time now, but never had the chance to meet or speak with him until my appearance on “Coffee with Rich” (streamed live on July 19, 2021). We had a very interesting and wide-ranging conversation not only about guns and my Concealed Carry Revolution book, but about America as a whole, who we are as a nation and where we are going.

[17] I recorded a conversation about American gun culture with the folks at East Tennessee PBS for their “Black in Appalachia” podcast back in November 2020, and the podcast was finally released in July 2021.

[16] Although I know next to nothing about historical firearms, I enjoyed speaking with Ashley Hlebinsky and Danny Michael on the Cody Firearms Museum’s “History Unloaded” podcast about my book, Concealed Carry Revolution, and my work in general.

[15] It doesn’t really get any bigger than “Gun Talk” with Tom Gresham, so I was excited to get my 7 minutes of reflected glory speaking with Tom about my book, Concealed Carry Revolution, and my work on gun culture more generally. [June 2021]

[14] A student in my Sociology of Guns seminar at Wake Forest went to high school with a student at Princeton University who is involved with a podcast called “Policy Punchline.” The students were incredibly well-prepared for this podcast, and asked so many good questions that at one point I said, “If I could answer that question, I would be a professor at Princeton.” [February 2021]

[13] I was excited to join Sarah Hauptman, Jon Hauptman, and Connor Daine to discuss Gun Culture 2.0 and “normal” gun owners in November 2020.

[12] In this series, hosted by the Duke Center for Firearms Law, experts discuss various aspects of firearms law & policy and the role of guns in the ongoing pandemic. In this interview, I discuss my research on the sociology of guns, Gun Culture 2.0, and how to understand gun buying during the COVID19 pandemic. [5 June 2020]

[11] In 2018, I spoke with Dr. Celine Gounder for her “In Sickness and In Health” podcast series on gun violence in America (see entry #8 below). Now, 2 years later, the final episode of that series is out (the podcast is now called “American Diagnosis”). I appear alongside David Hogg of March for Our Lives fame and my friend Kevin Creighton. I’m flattered to have been given the last word (of sorts) in such a long podcast series.

[10] It took two years for John Johnston to recover from my first appearance, but I finally managed to get invited back on Ballistic Radio in February 2020. Although we covered a lot of ground, we focused on my work on gun advertising as a “mirror and mold” of gun culture. Have a listen and maybe the metrics will justify another visit in 2022.

[9] When the host of Civilian Carry Radio asked if I would be a guest host on the show’s 100th episode with John Murphy of FPF Training, he did not know that I was scheduled to take a course with Murphy the weekend before his appearance. It was a happy coincidence — or proof of the existence of God, depending on your perspective. Either way, I enjoyed being on the show with special guest Murphy and gun trainers Tatiana Whitlock, and Tim Chandler.

ISIH Pdocast

[8] When Celine Gounder, host of “In Sickness and In Health” podcast reached out to me about her upcoming season on gun violence, I made clear that my scholarly expertise is in gun CULTURE not gun VIOLENCE. She assured me that this is what she wanted to learn more about, so I spoke to her for around an hour and trusted her to do justice to my thoughts when she edited them. Seven months later, the episode of the podcast on which I appear dropped. It is a tightly constructed 28 minutes of content and I was pleased to share the stage with fellow student of Gun Culture 2.0, Kevin Creighton of the Misfires and Light Strikes blog. Also, if you are interested in my personal story of getting into Gun Culture 2.0 and haven’t read one of my earliest posts, I talk about this story quite a bit on this podcast.

[7] The tri-hosts of the Practically Tactical Podcast — Nick Humphries, Jeff Bloovman, and Jesse Gullikson — got me to talk more than I ever have about the challenges of doing research on guns as a sociologist, having one foot outside the gun culture and one foot in it, and gun politics in general, among other things. For those for whom words alone are not enough, you can also watch a recording of the live video stream on YouTube.

[6] When I appeared on Episode #240 of Ballistic Radio with John Johnston and Melody Lauer (4 February 2018), the three previous guests had been historian, trainer, and shooter extraordinaire Karl Rehn, History’s Top Shot “rat fink” Caleb Giddings, and living legend Tom Givens.

Cue the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the others, which one is different, do you know?”

[5] As I noted at the time, I was very excited to talk with Karl Rehn about the evolution of gun culture and gun training on Episode 445 of the Handgun World Podcast (7 January 2018).

[4] I talked about my background, my work, and how gun owners are people, too (an early precursor to “Guns are Normal,” on the Gun Blog VarietyCast, Episode 169 (posted on my birthday, 12 November 2017). My section starts around the 16 minute mark.

[3] Although not a podcast, one of the audio conversations I have had that I am most proud of is a discussion with my friend, David Ford, on our local NPR radio station (WFDD, 6 October 2017). We talked about contemporary gun culture in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

[2] I got invited on the Polite Society Podcast a second time, this time to talk about the article I published on religion and gun ownership. This time it was Episode 401 from February 19, 2017.

[1] You never forget your first podcast: Episode 322 of the Polite Society Podcast (4 April 2015).


  1. […] Today, I feel much more confident speaking as an expert on guns and gun culture to a variety of audiences. This, of course, includes fellow scholars in the gun studies community, even those whose primary interest is in public health approaches to gun violence prevention (e.g., my presentation earlier this spring at UConn-Hartford). It includes speaking to the media when they call (e.g., the online news organization Newsy just recently). And speaking directly to the gun-owning and gun non-owning public through podcasts and webinars. […]


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