Evidence for Gun Culture 2.0

The gun industry trade association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, released an infographic this week that appears to document the reality of Gun Culture 2.0.

NSSF Gun-Culture-20

Although the age difference shown can simply be a product of the length of time the individuals have been involved in target shooting (>5 vs. <5 years), the less male, less rural, less hunting, less childhood entry characteristics of new target shooters are very much in line with a shift from Gun Culture 1.0 to Gun Culture 2.0.

Unfortunately, as an individual media member of the NSSF I cannot access the entire report without purchasing it for $1,500, so I don’t know the methodological details. But a similar infographic was produced last year, that showed similar results for 2008-2012.


Concerning the 2008-2012 study, according to Responsive Management’s web site, “The study entailed a telephone survey of 8,335 U.S. residents ages 18 years old and older.” No information is given about the sampling technique or the representativness of the sample, so it is difficult to generalize just on the basis of the infographics.

Responsive Management appears to be a legitimate public opinion survey research firm focusing on outdoor recreation, with a diverse clientele of public, private, and not for profit organizations, but more information about the methods used to generate these statistics would be welcome. If you have them, let me have them.

(h/t Miguel at Gun Free Zone)


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