Hornady Rapid Safe Female-Centered Television Advertisement

This is the second of two commercials that ran on Sportsman’s Channel during the “Handguns and Defensive Weapons” program. The first that I wrote about was for the Walther CCP and exemplified the masculine protector ideal of gun culture.


On the same episode, there was a 30 second ad for the Hornady RAPiD Safe which also centered on a woman using a firearm for self-defense, but with a very different presentation.

Unlike the Walther ad which had a woman acting to defend herself but told a story by and for men, this ad shows a woman acting independently to defend herself and her young children. It demonstrates that women have a role in armed self-defensive beyond acting as an ancillary or backup to a male citizen-protector.

(Interesting side note: looking for an image of the Rapid Safe online I could not easily find one that pictured a woman using the product, hence the image above with a man-hand drawing the gun.)


  1. This one is better than the (patronizing) Walther video, but only incrementally. In advertising the subtleties are important. When I hear the music and especially the male voice over, I think they missed the mark in trying to market to women. That last part made me still think this is an ad for men.


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