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My Podcast Appearances – Cumulative List and Links

I am a big consumer of podcasts. I subscribe to 40 podcasts on a range of topics from guns (obvi) to whiskey (WhiskyCast heading the list) to pens (The Pen Addict) to writing (The Creative Nonfiction Podcast), and listen to more than half of those regularly.

As noted previously, I stole the phrase “Gun Culture 2.0” from Michael Bane after I heard him talk about it on his Downrange Radio podcast (and got his ex post facto approval btw), and alot of what I learned in my early days as a shooter were from Bob Mayne’s Handgun World Podcast.

So, I am indebted to the hard work of many podcasters, and correspondingly flattered when asked to be a guest. In order for me to keep track of these appearances, I am creating this landing page to collect links to the shows I’ve appeared on.

In reverse chronological order (newest first):

[7] The tri-hosts of the Practically Tactical Podcast — Nick Humphries, Jeff Bloovman, and Jesse Gullikson — got me to talk more than I ever have about the challenges of doing research on guns as a sociologist, having one foot outside the gun culture and one foot in it, and gun politics in general, among other things. For those for whom words alone are not enough, you can also watch a recording of the live video stream on YouTube.

[6] When I appeared on Episode #240 of Ballistic Radio with John Johnston and Melody Lauer (4 February 2018), the three previous guests had been historian, trainer, and shooter extraordinaire Karl Rehn, History’s Top Shot “rat fink” Caleb Giddings, and living legend Tom Givens.

Cue the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the others, which one is different, do you know?”

[5] As I noted at the time, I was very excited to talk with Karl Rehn about the evolution of gun culture and gun training on Episode 445 of the Handgun World Podcast (7 January 2018).

[4] I talked about my background, my work, and how gun owners are people, too, on the Gun Blog VarietyCast, Episode 169 (posted on my birthday, 12 November 2017).

[3] Although not a podcast, one of the audio conversations I have had that I am most proud of is a discussion with my friend, David Ford, on our local NPR radio station (WFDD, 6 October 2017). We talked about contemporary gun culture in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

[2] I got invited on the Polite Society Podcast a second time, this time to talk about the article I published on religion and gun ownership. This time it was Episode 401 from February 19, 2017.

[1] You never forget your first podcast: Episode 322 of the Polite Society Podcast (4 April 2015).


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