Thank You Lucky Gunner!

In a recent post about prepping for my Sociology of Guns seminar at Wake Forest, I mentioned that I was looking for an ammo sponsor for the students’ field trip to the gun range this fall.

Students shoot 150 to 200 rounds of .22LR, 9mm, and .223, and I usually provide the ammo from my own supply. But the ammo shortage associated with the Great Gun Buying Spree of 2020 (into 2021) makes that problematic this year.

Several individuals saw the post and offered to help, which is heartening. So too did Chris Baker, the brains behind the Lucky Gunner Lounge. Two days after he contacted me, 600 rounds of ammo arrived from Lucky Gunner.

They did not ask for recognition of this generosity, but I am happy to give it.

Student Range Field Trip Ammo Provided by

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  1. Lucky Gunner also has a gun blog, for those who have not seen it yet, with MANY good gun handling videos! They are not a substitute for in-person training, but they are very informative. Semi-auto rifles and pistols, “fighting shotguns”, and revolvers are all featured.
    While I am no longer updating my blog, DC Handgun Info (link below), it is still live and features links on how to become a lawful handgun (or long gun) owner in DC. This is important because handgun ownership was banned between 1976 and 2008! Heller v. D.C. (before the U.S. Supreme Court) put a stop to that nonsense. There is ONE FFL in DC, and he charges a lot for a transfer. Good luck!

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