Why I Almost Abandoned My Effort to Bring Light and Turn Down the Heat on Guns (Light Over Heat #49)

What was supposed to be a brief hiatus from my “Light Over Heat” YouTube channel almost became permanent. This video explains why.

A lot of it had to do with my feeling like I was talking into a void, and a lot of that feeling had to do with negative responses I have been receiving to the proposal for my book, Gun Curious: A Journey into America’s Evolving Culture of Firearms.

In this video I read from some of those responses so you can get an idea of the uphill battle I am fighting to publish a book that tries to turn down the heat on the great gun debates in America and occupy the vast but (I now realize) lonely middle ground.

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  1. I’d suspected there wasn’t much of a book-buying audience for your type of work. Most people want to read affirmations of their current beliefs, not to be challenged in them.

    I do believe, however, there is a broad yearning for your calm, reasoning approach. Folks are sick of the stridency on both extremes of the gun issue.


  2. I think many bloggers feel this way too after reading negative comments. It is maybe part of why so many young people have awful mental health after using social media. Bullying, negative comments. See the J. Haidt article/series on this. Google “After Babel Haidt social media” https://jonathanhaidt.substack.com/
    Chin up, Dr. Y.
    Sincerely yours,
    Lee Foullon 941-483-0209 FEEL FREE to leave a voicemail!
    (thinks of new signature)
    Practice Gratitude!
    Pratiquez la gratitude !
    https://aka.ms/AAb9ysg ________________________________

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