The 11th Blogiversary of Gun Culture 2.0

“For the first 42 years of life, I had never even handled a real gun, much less shot one.”

David Yamane, “Getting Into Gun Culture 2.0,” 22 May 2012

So read the first line of my first post on this blog, 11 years ago today. Since then I have always tried to stay focused on its professed goal: “to tell the story of American gun culture accurately and fairly.”

I began this blog with limited expectations and a minimal audience. In 2012, it had just 130 visitors and 540 page views. Readership steadily increased for 6 years but has declined significantly in each of the past 4 years. Nevertheless, I have persisted.

For its lifetime, this blog’s 934 posts have over a million views by over 500,000 visitors. Although modest compared to many bloggers, this is actually fairly incredible for a blog that takes a moderate, sober, scholarly approach to guns.

I will never waiver from my motto “Light Over Heat” just to get clicks.

So, even though I sometimes feel like I am screaming into a void, I have no complaints. To this day, I remain flattered when anyone gives some of their precious time and attention to my writing. Thank YOU for reading this far.

Last year’s 10th Blogiversary post has more details about where I came and where I’m going for anyone interested.

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