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When in Prescott, Arizona, stop by Sturm, Ruger Company

I didn’t think I would have much free time during my week observing a Gunsite 250 Pistol course in Paulden, Arizona to get down to Prescott, so I didn’t attempt to arrange a tour of the Ruger factory there. But due to the heat, we got to the range an hour early this morning so finished class an hour early this afternoon. I took the opportunity to drive to Prescott to check out the place where they make Ruger semi-automatic pistols.

A large statue of a cowboy on his horse greets you in the visitor parking area. The plaque reads: “In the vast reaches of the American West, the work ethic still exists. The man who makes his living on horses that are bound to buck earns his pay. A good hand is loyal to his outfit, meets a challenge, and takes pride in an honest day’s work.”

“An Honest Day’s Work” by Fred Fellows. Photo by David Yamane

When I got to the front door, I was met with a sign reading: “NO LOADED FIREARMS ALLOWED INSIDE BUILDING.” I guess they couldn’t afford or didn’t think it was important enough to just buy a new sign to reflect the new policy.

Sign at entrance of Sturm Ruger Company offices in Prescott, AZ. Photo by David Yamane

There was no retail store or company museum anyway, so I just made my way back to my car and to Paulden. Maybe next time I will see about arranging that tour.


4 thoughts on “When in Prescott, Arizona, stop by Sturm, Ruger Company

  1. No firearms allowed in a building where they build guns? Hmmmm. As Keith says, it drips with irony. As far as the mythology of that statue and the notion of the cowboy, maybe there is a work ethic in Arizona, but New Mexico leads the nation in unemployment rate. Sad.


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