Back in Action Editing Book Chapters

Between the end of the semester, my sister visiting, and some tennis related events, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from gun culture. Of course, gun culture waits on no person, nor goes my work. So I’m back in the office today editing two book chapters that came out of gun studies conferences I attended last year.

I am looking at the final page proofs for “The First Rule of Gunfighting is Have a Gun: Technologies of Concealed Carry in Gun Culture 2.0,” which I presented at Amherst College last spring. I expect the book in which it appears will be published later this year. A draft of the chapter is available on-line in the mean time.

I am also making substantive and editorial revisions to the paper I presented at the University of Arizona last fall, “The Rise of Self-Defense in Gun Advertising: The American Rifleman, 1918-2017.” A draft of this chapter is also available on-line, and I will see if I can upload the revision I am working on once it is done.

For anyone interested, I spent the second half of may tending to my hobby-gone-mad as  a tennis racket technician, providing the Official Stringing Service for the NCAA Division 1 Tennis Championships held at the Wake Forest Tennis Complex.

My wife, son, and I have also served year around as the racket technicians for Wake Forest University’s men’s tennis team for the past 10 years. What an amazing feeling, then, when they won the National Championship on our home courts, and Paul and I got to hold the championship trophy – so many years in the making.

Six days later, I delivered the rackets to the men’s singles finalists, both of whom play for Wake Forest, guaranteeing us an individual National Championship to go along with the team title. Go Deacs!

Now, back to my day job.


  1. Nice to see your other (lesser) hobby. 😉 Congratulations Wake Forest! Swing those rackets to victory!

    Thought of your series on the NRA self-defense ads when I saw this story a bit ago. I found it a bit ironic, given many people on the gun control side bemoan the NRA’s “new” political activism, that Slate had a ready list of century-old grievances against the NRA for doing just that. I think the Parkland kids embracing the Alinskyite-wing of the gun controllers has brought some things to the surface that the legacy “polite, moderate” political lobbyists had been suppressing.

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