Hooray! My Book Chapter is Almost Published!

I just wanted to take a brief break from writing some more substantive posts about armed church security to say “Hooray!” I recently received the page proofs for my chapter in a forthcoming book on “Gun Studies.” The book is based on papers given at a Gun Studies Symposium hosted by Jennifer Carlson last fall at the University of Arizona.

The full text of a draft of this chapter is available on the SocArXiv site. It has been downloaded 291 times to date. I’d like to think we can do better than that, though.

It’s especially exciting to see named as co-authors two recent Wake Forest University graduates, one of whom also happens to be my son!

Of course, I will post details here about the book once it is finally published.


      • Hey David. I don’t know, but will email to ask. (I know of colleagues who purchased the book and got their copies, but am not sure about review copies.) Let me find out and get back to you. –Connie ps: Really like reading your blog. You’re so active! So many frequent updates! It’s great.


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