Top 10 Most Viewed Posts in 2020

Although the dumpster fire of 2020 appears to be flowing over into calendar year 2021, I still wanted to pause for a moment to report my most viewed posts of 2020.

A year ago I characterized 2019 as a bit of an off year for this blog because I had fewer visitors than in 2018 (65,000 vs. 100,000), and my annual page views did not grow for the first time since I began blogging in 2012. Perhaps this is the new normal for me, as my number of posts (62 in 2020 vs. 63 in 2019) and visitors on this blog (68K in 2020 vs. 65K in 2019) were almost the same as last year.

I have also been posting more on the Gun Curious blog I launched in February 2019 in an effort to reach an audience beyond those already conversant in American gun culture. You can see the Top 10 most viewed posts on Gun Curious to get a sense of how the content differs.

2020 Dumpster Fire

Here are the 10 (+1 bonus) most viewed posts on this blog in 2020:

1. 9mm is the Official Ammo of Gun Culture 2.0. Not one of my best posts, but goes to show that people are really into hardware issues.

2. Paul Howe on Combat Mindset. I was pleased that this post was widely read as it goes well beyond Paul Howe, though as #10 below suggests, Paul Howe is definitely a draw.

3. Resources By and About William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting. This compilation of resources by and about William Aprill is an ongoing project so if you notice open access sources not on the list, post a comment or let me know.

4. Remembering William Aprill and Sharing His Work. Attending a full class with William Aprill and interviewing him about his work was at the top of my research “to do” list for some time. I did not get around to it until it was too late. Losing this opportunity was a big motivator for me to start my “Buy Me a Coffee” crowd funding initiative last fall, as well as to raise a little money and promote the brand by selling Gun Culture 2.0 t-shirts and stickers on Teespring.

My research “To Do” list in 2020

5. VICE Investigates Gun Culture 2.0 on Hulu. Still hurts that I didn’t get to speak with VICE for this show, but GC2.0 was well-represented nonetheless.

6. Texas Church Murder/Counter-Murder as Rorschach Test. So much has happened in 2020 that it is hard to remember that this event took place at the very end of 2019. I am still taken by Claude Werner’s “murder/counter-murder” characterization.

7. The “Boogaloo” Ain’t No Joke. I find it interesting that there hasn’t been much talk about the “Boogaloo Bois” in connection with the recent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building. I haven’t read any confirmed sightings of the BBs, despite the presence the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, III%ers, “white majoritarians” like the Groyper Army, Confederate flag waivers, a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt wearer, and others. Conspicuous absence of Hawaiian shirts in the Capitol Building.

8. COVID-Times Review of Land, God, and Guns by Levi Gahman and Related Thoughts. My book reviews don’t draw much attention, so perhaps it was the “related thoughts” that helped this post rise in the rankings.

9. What if the New York Times Went to SHOT Show? I don’t enjoy posting about media bias, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

10. Civilian Lessons from Ex-Action Guy Paul Howe. Paul Howe had a big presence on this blog in 2020. I have actually written 5 posts on Howe and his ideas/work, as catalogued here.

11. Gun Culture 2.0, or How a Liberal Professor Became an Armed American. I had to extend the Top 10 list by one to sneak this post in here. It is the text of my lunch talk at the 2019 National Firearms Law Seminar, which I am pleased to report is also pushing 8,000 views on YouTube. That’s not John Correia numbers, but it’s good for an academic.

My main goal for 2021 is to make serious progress in writing my book on American gun culture. To that end, I may have to cut back on my blogging here and at Gun Curious. I hope to continue to emphasize quality over quantity, though, and appreciate everyone’s continued interest in and support of my work here.

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