Massad Ayoob: Collected Posts on Gun Culture 2.0 Blog

My interest in firearms training for private citizens is as longstanding as my interest in gun culture. Some of my earliest posts on this blog were about my experience at Massad Ayoob’s MAG-40 course back in 2012!

For some reason, I never got around to collecting them into a single post (unlike other gun trainers I have studied). Well, as we Californians say, mas vale tarde que nunca.

This page provides convenient and current access to links to all my posts about Massad Ayoob of the Massad Ayoob Group.

Links below are in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest).

Massad Ayoob and David Yamane at MAG-40 course, Phoenix, AZ, November 2012. Photo by Sandra Stroud Yamane
Massad Ayoob on the range at MAG-40 course in Phoenix, Arizona, November 2012. Photo by David Yamane
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