Top 10 Posts Published in 2018 on Gun Culture 2.0

Of my Top 10 most viewed posts in 2018, only 2 were published in 2018. So what are my Top 10 most viewed posts of 2018 that were actually published in 2018?

I list them below.

“2018 Calendar” by ulleo is licensed under CC0.

1. New York Times Steps to Buy a Gun, Homicide, and Suicide Cross-Nationally

2. Yes, 18 Year-Olds Can Own Guns, And They Do

3. Sociology of U.S. Gun Culture Article – Top 20 Download!

4. Understanding the Social Life of Guns

5. Protecting Houses of Worship, Part 1: Training Organizations, Groups, and Individuals

6. Who is Joe Weyer?

7. Playing G.I. Joe at Tactical Fantasy Camp?

8. Armed Church Security in Colonial America

9. Why Gun Violence Prevention Advocates Should Drop the Language of “Common Sense”

10. The Telling Geography of American Gun Violence

I was impressed that “The Telling Geography of American Gun Violence” made the list since it was published on December 19th, but it covers an important issue that I have discussed many times previously so I was happy to see it in the Top 10.

I am also pleased that the posts that rose to the top reflect the 3 interests that preoccupied me in 2018: the sociology of guns and Gun Culture 2.0, safety and security in houses of worship (my new research project), and understanding gun violence from the perspective of legal and lawful gun owners.

I am toying with some new directions for 2019. The expanding readership of this blog over the years gives me confidence that those new directions will find an audience if I can produce worthy material.


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